"Sharing The Gospel And Your Faith"

By G.R. Self

As Christians, we are are instructed to share the gospel and our faith with others. This is not a casual suggestion, or a recommendation... it is a command given to us throughout God's Word (click here for specific scriptures).  As believers in, and followers of Christ, we have and possess the greatest, most treasured gift available to mankind... the promise of eternal life in Heaven. It is this gift that we should have a burning desire to share with others... especially those we love and care for the most.

Without a doubt, the best and most effective way to share the love of Jesus, God's Word or your faith with others is person to person...face to face... heart to heart.  I have learned that most true born again believers do have a genuine desire to want to share the gospel with others. The issue is not that they don't want to, but rather they feel they are unable to do it. Some say they feel awkward or shy about approaching someone, especially people they do not know personally. Some share that they were not prepared when the opportunity presented itself. Others say that "communicating" is not their spiritual gift or they are afraid they will say the wrong things and/or not use the correct words when sharing. Still others confess they are afraid of being rejected or laughed at for sharing their faith.  

Another reason often given for not sharing Christ with someone involves "time".  "It was the wrong time", "There wasn't enough time" or  "I did not have the time" are among the some of the most common responses.

I have often wondered how many unsaved souls will never be approached because of the different reasons I have mentioned above. I know that there have been occasions in my own life when I had the opportunity to witness to someone and failed to do so. 

What if there was a way for believers to be able to share Jesus with others without saying a word? What if there was a way to be a witness for Christ that literally only required a few seconds of your time?  As previously mentioned, the best and most effective way to share the love of Jesus, God's Word and/or your faith is person to person, face to face and heart to heart. However, sharing something... sharing anything... is far better than not sharing anything at all. It is for this reason that the "Pass It On" Challenge was created. (click here for more information).