By G.R. Self

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The "Pass It On" Challenge is an easy and inexpensive project to begin.


To get started you will need a supply of cards to hand out (like the one pictured above). 

If you want the recipients of the cards you will be handing out to go to the established shadowofgod.com website you can obtain the cards directly from us (contact us) or create your own design.

If you decide to use our cards, when you receive them be sure to stamp or write your church or organization's information on the back of them before handing the cards out.


If you will want the recipients of the cards you hand out to go to your church or organization's website or other internet address, you will need to design and print your own.  Remember to keep the card simple ("Please Visit"  and the "website address" you want recipients to go to is all that needs to be printed). You will want to keep the reverse side of your card plain so those handing out the cards can place a comment, scripture, sticker, note etc.

You will need to determine how many cards you will need to start with initially. Make sure that you always have enough cards on hand so you or your group do not run out.

Set Goals:

How many cards do you or your group want to distribute each week?

Where will you leave cards for people to find? Some ideas/suggestions include:  bus station, laundry mat, self serve car wash, hospital waiting room, on sidewalk (printed side up), supermarket shelf, on table at restaurant with a tip left for waitress etc.

If you have any questions or would like or need additional assistance in establishing your "Pass It On" campaign, please complete the form on the "Contact Us" page.